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Cast Lily Vote for Vibrant Summery Gifts 2016/10/07
Spin Your Way to Top Prizes! 2016/09/27
Anniversary Special Heart Candy Suit for Free 2016/09/23
Boss Rabbit & Fallen Wings 2016/09/12
Anniversary Special Rainbow Murano 2016/09/01
Anniversary Special Free Fateful Dresser Action Cards 2016/09/01
Our Fateful Love 2016/09/01
8th Anniversary, Top up Bonus 2016/08/26
Shop Now for Cool Star Titles! 2016/08/23
Anniversary Special SuperKitty Gifts 2016/08/23
Dynamic Wings of Kurotamashi for Lily Voters 2016/08/16
Anniversary Super Stromboli Car 2016/08/16